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Realtime Scanning

Jörg Elektronik: Wood Processing all-around Measuring Devices

Log scanner


JORO-3D - scanning with the speed of light and evaluating with high speed processors the optimal result in real time: By the continuous collection of the entire surface with a laser beam apart from the volume oval shape, taper, curvature and sweep are measured. The entire trunk is evaluated and formed out with genuine measurements. A mechanical change or an interruption of the conveyor is not necessary any longer. more


Timber scanner

Solutions to continuous and fully automatic measuring control. SeeCon measures the strength of full-sharp-edged or forest-sharp-edged boards or bar over the entire length of the sawing commodity. The measurements in real time make immediate corrective measures possible by the operator. Or you look for a solution for the classification of your cut commodity? OptiGrader is useful for needle and hardwood of sawmills as well as classified for plane works and according to all criteria. more



WoodarchivInnovative software products

Round timber quality requirements continue to increase. By combining the JE-Woodarchiv with the Unbriken-Outline Scanner Joro-3D the company Jörg Elektronik GmbH closes the gap between measurement and optical documentation. This enables clarity during negotiations on the basis of clear and accurate visual reports. more



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