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Realtime Wood Scanning System



uses several optical effects to distinguish the bark from the Wood. Therefore the differential scattering, diffusion and reflexion of the laserlight are evaluated. Also there is a significantly higher absorption of the laser on the bark as to the wood.







By means of a continuous light band, the object of measurement is scanned all around. An unbroken recording of the measurement points allows an evaluation of the object of measurement without calculation, without interpolation, i.e. your wood is evaluated and shaped according to the actual measured values.



Installing and measuring, scanning at the speed of light, evaluating with high performance processor and evaluating the optimum result.

The position of the object of measurement is finally no longer important. The continuous recording of the complete surface allows an optimum measurement of ovality, taper, curvature, sweep, independent of the position of the log and the measuring position.

A perfect recognition of cut sections is a matter of course.


Highest accuracy

The new measurement technique allows a certain quality recognition or evaluation resp. Environmental influences, such as temperature fluctuations, pressure differentials and relative humidity are constantly surveyed and compensated. The assembly is very simple and, thanks to the enclosed holding fixture and cables, can also be done by untrained staff. The same applies to the adjustment which is very simple due to an integrated laser point and a test program. Due to scalable measuring ranges, completely new appliances are possible with the JORO-3D.








Environmental influences


Standard industrial interface


Included parts




Technical data

 Scan range 80 mm ... 800 mm

 80 mm ... 1000 mm 

 Accurancy <1,0 mm
 Scan rate 400 scans/second
 Power supply 230 V (AC) / 50 Hz
 Temperature  -20 C ... +50 C
 Norms IP65, Dustproof,

 Jet water protectec, IEC 825-1


PDF JORO-3D Datasheet