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JORO-3D Sawmill

Realtime Wood Scanning System


JORO-3D-Sawmill is a true shape scanner for measuring squared timber and modules.

The measuring system recognizes the transition between the cut area and the wane edges which is the crucial factor for the following process steps.

These transition points (wane edges) are very important for the computer-based optimization of the sawn timber volume yield. All measuring points are stored in logical sections in combination with other contour data. The data are made available to the control system of the sawmill via real-time transmission. Besides there is the possibility for measuring any other chracteristics such as length, volume, taper and camber.

Furthermore the deviation of the module relating to the middle of the conveyor could also be measured.

The system can be installed for example after the chipping machine in order to optimize the volume yield of the staple and the boards.



 Module view of the shaped surface

Kantling und Monitor3D

 3D-View of squared timber



 Measuring system


Environmental influences


Technical data

 Scan range 800 mm
 Accurancy 1,0 mm
 Scan rate 400 scans/second
 Power supply 230 V AC

Operating temperature

 -20 C - +50 C (Default)

 -40 C - +50 C (Extended temperature range with optional heating)

 Norms IP65, dustproof, jet waterproof, IEC 825-1, CE
 Laser safety class Class 3B