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Realtime Wood Scanning System

JORO-sonar is a 2D scanner including an optoelectronic and an ultrasonic unit. The advantage of the system is the possibility of scanning two diameters without interruption of the conveyor. The infrared scanner works after the light shadow principle and measures the vertical diameter D1. The ultrasonic unit measures the distance and calculates the horizontal diameter D2. 



The scanner works with a digital signal processor (DSP). Through the fast infraredscanner we have an exact recognition of the target and a direct coordination of logdiameters to the loglength. A serial industrial interface (RS 485) sends the scanned and filtered datas to the host computer.


Highest accuracy

Environmental influence, like temperature, air-pressure, humidity will be compensated with an additional reference sensor. The resulting temperature range therefore is -25 degrees centigrade to +50 degrees centigrade (without icing of the ultrasonic-sensors) In connection with an encoder the scanner is type-approval certificate under German law.


Technical data

 Scanner Infrared Ultrasonic
 Scan range

 500,750,1000, 1250, 1500 mm

 500-1500 mm
 Scan resolution 1 mm 2 mm
 Repeatability 1 mm 2 mm
 Scanfrequency  200 scans/second 100 scans/second
 Temperature range -25 C to +50 C -25 C to +50 C

PDF JORO-sonar Datasheet