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Automated delivery management

JORO-terminal allows you to register and control all kinds of deliveries at the sawmill, without needing additional employees. The supplier registers at the registration terminal via ID-card. Submission of delivery data is done at the touch display by the driver. After confirming, a delivery note with barcode is created. Unloading stations are allocated automatically (for example short log deck or long log deck).

  • Automated registration
  • Assigned unloading deck
  • Simple usage
  • Proper documentation
  • Cobinable with JORO-volume

The control of entry and exit is done with a traffic light system. At the same time, pictures of the truck, load as well as license plate are taken and saved together with data inputs.

Delivery data can be evaluated statistically daily, weekly, monthly, or individually.

The housing of registration terminal and unloading terminal are made very robust and are designed for outdoor usage.



Registration terminal


  • Unique registration of the vehicle
  • ID card with barcode handed over to supplier
  • Every additional delivery is registered and authenticated by this supplier ID card
  • Creation of delivery note with barcode
  • Unloading station allocated from database


  • 24/7 availability
  • Multilingual
  • Simple authentication via supplier
    ID card or barcode
  • Data submission at touch screen
  • Barcode can be scanned from
    smartphone or tablet
  • Number of deliveries per supplier is transparent
  • Automated detecting and saving of license plates
  • Traffic control via traffic light system


Registration via ID-card / barcode

Technical data

 power supply
 230 V (AC)
 Temperature range
 -20C to +40C
 IP code