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Volume measurement of bulk and logs

JORO-volume is a measuring system for all types of logs and bulk goods in which bulk material is measured on the comparison principle. The volume is the calculated difference between measurements of the loaded and the empty truck. Log trucks are measured only once, as their load is detected in packages. JORO-volume is suitable for the measurement of different vehicles from passenger car trailers to articulated lorries. Also, lorries with trailers are recognized automatically and both volumes are evaluated. For completion, measurement data are saved together with camera pictures at the truck archive and are available in the MySQL database.

JORO-volume uses laser scanners to measure the vehicle speed and the envelope curve of the cargo. These sensors in combination with the evaluation software allow a reliable volume calculation, even with different transit speeds or pause during the measurement process.


  • contactless laser scanning
  • simple calibration
  • permanent monitoring of all sensors
  • scalability (measurement range, camera systems)
  • web based handling

    Operation area

  • wood products industry
  • waste disposal
  • energy producers
  • saw mill
  • pellets, wood chips
  • chipboard factory
  • special purpose solutions

Technical data

 scan range
 max. vehicle length 20 m 
 measuring error
 <= 1,5%  (for V >= 20 m)

 <= 0,3 m  (for V < 20 m)

 measuring direction direction independently
 vehicle speed
 max. 5 km/h
 power supply
 230 V (AC)
 operating temperature
 -30 C ... +50 C 
 IP code
 laser class
 1 (IEC 60825-1), eyesafe


JE-Truckarchiv is the useful extension of JORO-volume and completes this measuring system.

Calculated volume, picture of truck and load, as well as other important information on driver and truck are combined. Those values are then saved to a database and can be accessed at any time. The database allows traceability of incoming and outgoing loads and payment of trucks based on measuring data.


  • Registration of the truck
  • Measuring of the load with JORO-volume
  • Saving of combined values to the database


  • Control on trucks
  • Traceability of deliveries
  • Automated generating of delivery notes and reports
  • Extendable with JORO-terminal
  • Quality control