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Digital picture archive for the log yard

Round timber quality requirements continue to increase. By combining the JE-Woodarchiv with the Unbroken-Outline Scanner Joro-3D the company Jörg Elektronik GmbH closes the gap between measurement and optical documentation. This enables clarity during negotiations on the basis of clear and accurate visual reports.

In order to document assessment of quality, the fully automated documentation of each log using a video camera has been developed. From a video sequence of the process JE-Woodarchiv generates digital pictures of each log and saves them into a database together with the measurement data. Thus an optical documentation of either each log or of manually downgraded logs is ensured.

The largely independent system can also be integrated into existing plants. 


Jörg Elektronik Woodarchiv 


Several cameras can be connected to the JE-Woodarchiv computer. Which means pictures can be taken from front and rear sides or, with long wood from various transfer points like first cut saw, end-trimmer or reducer saw. After triggering the pictures and measurement data are correlated and stored in a SQL database.

Owing to the developed file technology and regular clearing of old data the volume of data is kept small. A picture has a size of approximately 80 kB. Depending on the existing hard disk capacity pictures up to HD quality can be stored. With a retention period of a half year the size of the database levels off at 600 MB.

The advantage of the video camera technology lies in the continous display. Therefore the camera can also be used for monitoring.


With the JE Woodarchiv Viewer viewing and searching the archive for specific criteria is made possible. Because the JE-WoodarchivViewer is web based, it can be used by browser companywide.

All measuring data and images are available, therefore a complete documentation of each individual log is possible. The integrated filter and sort functions provide the user with a fast overview of the desired cart-loads.

For a better visualization, the evaluation can also be exported and stored as PDF report.











The JE-Woodarchiv consists of three software modules:

Data acquisition and correlation

Picture trigger


Woodarchiv Viewer

Technical data 



 High resolution camera .net technology
 High photosensitivity Software modules for different cameras
 Light exposure correction with back light Archiving of pictures and measurement data in SQL database

PDF Woodarchiv Datasheet