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Scan technology for the wood industry

For every requirement an optimal solution

Log scanner

JORO-X is a further development in the field of X-ray technology for log yards and sawmills. While the 3D scanner units detect the outer shell of the log and its characteristics, X-ray beams go through the wood and provide data of inner qualities. Bundling the gained data with customer specific guidelines, optimization can be performed. more

JORO-3D - scanning with the speed of light and evaluating with high speed processors the optimal result in real time: By the continuous collection of the entire surface with a laser beam apart from the volume oval shape, taper, curvature and sweep are measured. The entire trunk is evaluated and formed out with genuine measurements. A mechanical change or an interruption
of the conveyor is not necessary any longer. more

Volume measurement

JORO-volume JORO-volume is a measuring system for all types of logs and bulk goods. JORO-volume is suitable for the measurement of different vehicles from passenger car trailers to articulated lorries. For completion, measurement data are saved together with camera pictures at the JE-Truckarchiv. more

WoodarchivInnovative software products

Round timber quality requirements continue to increase. By combining the JE-Woodarchiv with the Unbriken-Outline Scanner Joro-3D the company Jörg Elektronik GmbH closes the gap between measurement and optical documentation. This enables clarity during negotiations on the basis of clear and accurate visual reports. more