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X-ray scanner - Detection of internal wood qualities

JORO-X is a further development in the field of X-ray technology for log yards and sawmills. The overall system has its source in the cooperation of the round-wood specialists Jrg Elektronik and FINNOS. Decades of experience in measuring wood are the foundation for this system, combining laser scanner technology and X-ray technology. The installation of the two systems is done in one container.

Compact container solution

While the Jrg Elektronik units detect the outer shell of the log and its characteristics, X-ray beams go through the wood and provide data of inner qualities. Bundling the gained data with customer specific guidelines, optimization can be performed. After that, results are presented in the user interface on one screen.

Laser measuring
X-ray measuring
  • laser camera scanner units
  • Web based operating
  • True shape scanning of the wood
  • Calibrateable system

  • Temperature stable due to climatization
  • Lead shielding against radiation
  • Standard equipment: 1D and 2D
  • Extension to 3D and 4D possible



JORO-X uses the physical effect of X-ray beams to penetrate matter. Differences in the density of wood lead to different absorption of radiation. The X-rays going through the material are received by detectors and processed to pictures by computers. The more sources and detectors are positioned around the log, the more information of the log is gained. The X-ray data is combined with laser data and processed in a program.

The system allows an optimization of wood yield at high throughput. Maximum accuracy and optimization in wood processing become increasingly decisive. Millimeter accuracy in recognizing and calculation lead to a maximum yield of wood.

Optimization software JORO-optima3D combining all measured data

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Since 25 years of development with X-ray technology.
Since 50 years scan technology for the wood industry.



Technical Data

Measuring range

80-600 mm (X-rax scanner)
80-1000 mm (Laser scanner)
Accuracy< 1 mm
Conveyor speedmax. 200 m/min
1500 Hz
Operating temperature-40C bis +40C
Protection classIP 65