Jörg Elektronik

We deliver solutions for the sawmill and timber industry. We see you as a partner and will accompany you in the development of your company. As our partner you benefit from the constant care and development of existing products, from innovative new developments, as well as from a comprehensive range of services and numerous additional services.

The demand for scanning equipment goes far beyond the sawmill and wood industry. Therefore, our product portfolio also extends to other industries, such as mining or the commercial vehicle industry. However, the sawmill, log and woodworking industry is the focus of our activities.

The management of the company has been in the hands of the managing directors Thomas Fehr and Jacob Fehr since 2022, supported by a 25-strong team.

Our Philosophy

As a pioneer in log scanning systems and volume measurement, JE stands for cutting-edge technology made in Germany.

For us as a family business with lived values, the customer and his needs are always in the foreground.

Reliability, adherence to delivery dates and continuous support in every respect that is what distinguishes us.

Thomas Fehr

Managing Director, Software Development, Hardware Development, Service

“Consistent data handling and the up-to-the-minute availability of operating data provide the customer with enormous advantages in terms of evaluation, increase efficiency and, thus, optimise the profitability of the entire operation.”

Jacob Fehr

Managing Director, Marketing, Sales, Project Management

“All relevant hardware and software components are developed in-house. This means investment security for the customer and expert contact persons at all times.”

Quality since 1968

Jörg Elektronik comes from a small sawmill near Oberstaufen. The founder, Otto Jörg, worked steadily on improving his operations in the 1960s and quickly recognised the needs of other sawmills for his products. The products developed were from the beginning: creative and practical. For this reason, our solutions are still characterised by innovation, quality and customer benefit.

[Translate to English:] 2018

2018 | 50 years of Jörg Elektronik

[Translate to English:] 2016

2016 | First bulk materials measurement system JORO-volume

[Translate to English:] 2014

2014 | Ludwig Fehr and Thomas Fehr become managing directors

[Translate to English:] 2005

2005 | First true shape scanner JORO-3D

[Translate to English:] 1998

1998 | Handover of management to Klaus Schuster, Ludwig Fehr and Thomas Fehr.

[Translate to English:] 1997

1997 | First cross measurement system JORO-sonar

[Translate to English:] 1989

1989 | Move to the new company building

[Translate to English:] 1988

1988 | First calibrated log measurement in the Federal Republic of Germany

[Translate to English:] 1970

1970 | Patent on the JORO-tester

[Translate to English:] 1968

1968 | Company founded by Otto Jörg


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