Expert support

We are the direct contact point for all of our customers

Telephone service

You can reach us by phone during standard working hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (excluding holidays). Our permanent and well-trained staff will be happy to help you!

24/7 emergency support

Our expert staff are available at around the clock and for urgent inquiries as part of our 24/7 emergency support.

On-site service

Service assignments for our systems can also be carried out at short notice on request. Continuous maintenance of the measurement system and electronics is an optimal condition for a longer service life.

Support contracts

Annual service visits, updates and support times can be covered by our clearly defined contracts. We are happy to advise you on this topic and create the ideal contract for you.


Our work flow

From project planning to commissioning

The starting point of each project is expert advice from our technical sales department. Your individual wishes will be discussed in this phase.

The transfer of the project to project planning starts the production of the hardware, as well as the programming and configuration of the software to your needs. Direct agreements between the client, the hardware and software department, the sales department and the developers flow into this phase. In doing so, we rely on consistent documentation.

Assembly and commissioning are the highlight of the project. Our trained staff come to your site and integrate the system into your plant. During commissioning, your staff will be trained in the hardware and software. The transfer of your measurement system takes place.

After a defined training phase, further optimisation of the system takes place.



We use high-quality components and system parts to minimize the risk of failure.

The planning and assembly of the system is carried out by competent specialist staff. Constant checking of the components used guarantees high quality. The on-site assembly is carried out by the team that has already prepared and executed the hardware planning. This ensures consistent quality control and testing during the process.


Remote maintenance/monitoring

Our systems are equipped with a VPN client as standard. This provides secure access to the Jörg Elektronik systems. By means of remote maintenance, an analysis can be carried out and, if necessary, adjustments can be made.

Automatic monitoring, as well as automatic notification and autonomous intervention by our standby service in case of breakdowns, is possible around the clock.



Also, when preparing for the calibration JE is your direct point of contact. System maintenance and verification of all settings ensures that all calibration criteria are met before calibration. The specialised staff are specially trained for these deployments. Our experience in calibration ensures a smooth process.

Our measurements are approved by PTB, METAS and BEV.

Each of our employees has a training as a repairer. JE is as a result permitted to maintain your system after faults occur and to ensure calibration directly. As a result, you do not run the risk of uncalibrated measurement.



Download the AnyDesk remote maintenance software here to give secure access to your PC when needed. This allows us to give you quick and easy assistance.



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