Jörg Elektronik - Your specialist in the field of electronic log measurement

An optimal solution for every challange

JE has been your partner for electronic log measurement and optimisation for more than 50 years. From experience we know that every company has its own requirements. We respond to these and individualise our finished product range in direct consultation with you. Sustainability and innovation make us your ideal partner – whether you are a small sawmill or a global player.



Laser, X-ray or camera technology, we make almost any type of measurement possible for you. Whether at the factory entrance, at the log yard, in the sawmill or at another location – our technology is highly versatile.

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Obtaining the optimum from raw materials is part of our core business. We recognise your potential for optimisation and use our software to improve the profitability of your company.

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Secure and long-term management and collection of data is the key to a multitude of tasks in your business. With our products, data collection is guaranteed and clearly structured.

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