Volume measurement

Measurement system

JORO-volume is a volume measurement for logs and bulk materials for a wide variety of vehicle types. The use of laser scanners ensures continuous recording of the speed and envelope curve over the load. As a result, reliable evaluation is ensured, even with different transit speeds or stopping during the measurement process. For completion, the measurement data with the camera images is stored in the truck archive and is available in a database.


In addition to the loaded volume, additional wood features are detected for logs to ensure conversion to actual log volumes. The diameter detection can also be used to assign the unloading station.

Bulk materials

The measurement of bulk materials is based on the comparison principle. For this purpose, one truck must pass through loaded and one empty. Even trucks with trailers are automatically detected and both volumes are evaluated.

As an alternative to drive-through measurement, the bulk materials truck can also be measured at a standstill with rotating sensors.


In Use

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Records and manages deliveries automatically

JORO-volume is best combined with the JE-Terminal, the automatic delivery management for master data entry.

Areas of application:

  • log yard
  • wood products industry
  • other industries


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