X-ray and true shape scanner

X-ray technology

JORO-X is an X-ray measurement system for use in the log yard and sawmill. The complete system originates from the cooperation of JE and the company FINNOS. 3D scanner technology and X-ray technology are installed in a common measuring container. While the 3D scanner detects the external wood features, the X-rays penetrate the wood and provide information about the internal properties. The two results are combined and used for product optimisation.



The X-ray technology is based on the principle of density measurement. JORO-X uses this property on wood, which has variations in density, and displays the difference in X-ray absorption. The more sources and detectors are positioned around the log, the more information can be gained about the log. The data from the laser measurement is combined with that from the X-ray measurement and processed in the program.


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Cutting pattern optimisation

The best way is to combine JORO-X with the JORO-optima3D cutting pattern optimisation to produce your jobs on time with minimum waste and maximum yield.


Areas of application: 

  • log yard
  • sawmill


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